Kids At Hope

Kids at Hope inspires, empowers and transforms schools, organizations serving youth and entire communities to create an environment and culture where all children experience success, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Kids at Hope’s vision is that every child is afforded the belief, guidance and encouragement that creates a sense of hope and optimism, supported by a course of action needed to experience success at life’s four major destinations: Home & Family; Education & Career; Community & Service; and Hobbies & Recreation.

I-GROW Partnership
HopeWorks draws its inspiration from Kids At Hope, who have demonstrated that by providing multiple paths to the future and the means to achieve them within a caring support system dramatically improves the chances of success of all children, no exceptions.

Buzz India

India, Gambia
Driving Prosperity Home
We are on a mission to make low-income women the drivers of prosperity – for their own selves, for their families, and for their communities.
Buzz Women triggers a ripple effect of change in the lives of women. From getting a grip over their financial situation to finding their inner strength, our women enter a journey of self-empowerment with Buzz. Here’s how our three-year long programe eco-system supports our women in their transformation.

I-GROW Partnership
HopeWorks is inspired by Buzz India's volunteer model and hopes to emulate the best parts of the model as applicable to us.


A collective of brilliant and dynamic individuals working to give you best digital mobile money solutions and outcomes. We provide merchant payment platform for variety of corporate money solutions.

I-GROW Partnership
HopeWorks gets it's first set of volunteers from Obopay thanks to their commitment to give back.


Qiworkers are energetic marketers who do just what it takes for us to spread the word. Helping us find you, and you us! QiWorks will power our digital presence - working towards making hope more ubiquitous!

I-GROW Partnership
QIWorks is creating a digital presence for HopeWorks and its projects - website, social media and a secret mars link 🙂