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About HopeWorks

Established in March 2020, HopeWorks Foundation is a social impact sector organization, working with girl children between the ages 6-21 years, from under-served communities across India, to facilitate emotional strength, all-round education, gainful employment and a spirit of entrepreneurship 


With a vision to positively impact one million girls over the next five years, we begin at the very roots, their schools and colleges – to not only help them build skills, but also bring about a mindset change to re-imagine a future, with a better quality of life for themselves as well as their families.

Key Outcomes of Our Work

Better quality of life

Higher financial independence

Formal employment opportunities

Greater social mobility

Informed decision makers

3 Pillars of Hope

Setting goals

Building personal capacity

Enabling them to create alternative pathways

HopeWorks Team

Jacintha Jayachandran

Founder Trustee

Jessy is what we all hope to become one day! She’s our inspiration, role model, guide, and a goodie bag of HUGE ideas. She gives us the Hope to work on our dreams, and turn them into realities!

Sanjay Kumar

Treasurer Trustee

Sanjay sir, to our girls, is the computer wizard. He teaches them all the tricks, they need to ace

Dr. Jayanthi Savio

Trustee, Monitoring & Evaluation Partner

Jayanthi is the doctor on call, the silent mover and rock solid person of conviction

Kaajal Ahuja

Trustee, Corporate Outreach Partner

Kaajal is the very epitome of generosity , a warm soul who can look deep and understand what our children really need, from TLC, to clothes to training program

Lakshmi Balasubramanian

Program Coordinator

Lakshmi ma’am, is the feared one. Her messages on Whatsapp are what the stuff of tough love is made of

Vinod Karthick

Program Coordinator

Vinod is our Anna, he is family to all our girls.He is at home in the homes of our girls, because his overarching presence to connect with families makes him a precious asset for all of us

Meenakshi Giridhar

Program Director

Meenakshi ma’am, is the one who knows how to cajole every girl to be her bestest version fearlessly

Noella D’Souza

Chairperson Child Protection Committee

Noella is our Mother Superior, she can fix anything especially broken spirits


Campus Relationship Manager

Peter is the man for every day, with little girls and big girls, from shelter homes to schools and colleges. An unassuming familiar figure who can make magic happen


Program Lead

Amulya is that guiding star who we all follow. Including all our girls. She is the inspiring one, a Star for all seasons not just Christmas

Priya Jennifer

Program Lead

Priya, is the tough cookie. Looks can be deceptive, she sure has more courage and confidence than an army of people that we have encountered. A leader everyday and every way


Program Lead

Harshita, makes things look so easy. An aspiring data scientist, a fantastic artist and an enthusiastic dancer

Preya Pal

Content Lead

Preya the unshakeable background support. Her insights in designing our content and programs is unmatched

Neeraja Ganesh

Corporate Outreach Lead

Neeraja is also spelt as authenticity, a powerhouse of commitment, she makes many things possible for us

Priyanka Tadipatri

Director Special Projects & Communications

Priyanka’s smile and enthu is what always looks like a big shower of stardust for everyone at HopeWorks.

Deepthi Rajappan

Facilitator - Hosa

Deepthi is the one person the girls in the Hosa home look forward to seeing every week. With immense patience, love and hope Deepthi heals and rejuvenates broken hearts

Bibi Hajira

Program Faculty - i-Grow

With a gentle heart and a stern voice, Hajira leads all her interactions with the girls in schools through their dreams, hopes, goals and more. Hajira is the counselor, partner in crime, facilitator and a go-to for all the girls
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