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Culminating the journey from a Hope Student to a Hope Citizen, this program provides our girls in undergraduate and graduation levels, with the support and guidance they need to complete their formal education and set out on a career path in line with their interests, ambitions and aptitudes.


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Goals for 2022-23

Scholarship program

All our HopeCitizens are supported for their professional education at undergraduate and graduate level, so financial distress is not a reason for them dropping out. Candidates are identified on the basis of merit as well as their interest in pursuing an education, and getting ahead.

Skill training & job-readiness

We provide all our HopeCitizens with access to life-skill, soft-skill and job-readiness training so they are ready to take on any role they aim for. This is delivered with the support of industry experts and leaders from different walks of life and work.


Our mom-daughter entrepreneurial partnership platform, provides members with the training, capital investment and knowledge they need to ideate, launch, and successfully run their business ventures.

Mentorship Program

By creating one-on-one connections between all our HopeCitizens and successful women leaders of the corporate world, we ensure that all our girls have a go-to adult, and a positive influence in their lives.

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