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Zumba Class with Shyla Krishnamurthy

Coach: Shyla Krishnamurthy Profile: Shyla Krishnamurthy is a Lifepreneur working on people welfare since her childhood and donning various hats as a Life Coach, Leadership & Executive Coach, Women Empowerment Enabler, a trained Carnatic and Western Vocalist, a licensed Zumba Instructor and an Actor. She has worked in diverse and multicultural geographies across Europe, US and India. She coaches individuals,mainly Women and Children and conducts various Power Packed and Impactful Transformational programs on various public platforms, Schools, Universities, Corporates and for Business Leaders. She is a recipient of “India Inspirational Women Award under Education Training & Development category and “Inspiring Lifepreneur of the year 2020” award by IIWA.

Candid Conversations featuring Mohan Gandhi Ponaganti

Speaker: Mohan Gandhi Ponaganti
Profile: He started his career as an ethical hacker in college. And is a Computer science engineer with good programming skills. He knows Python and php. And worked briefly with Yahoo! and Oracle as a programmer. He claims that he accidentally went to IIM Ahmedabad for a 2 year MBA and it changed his life.He listened to Prof. Sunil Handa and decided to start an ethical hacking company, Entersoft right out of college. He ran it for 7 years and exited the company. Following which he travelled to Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Israel and Europe. Tel Aviv is his dream place to do business. He started multiple ventures including https://Ofofo.io, a cyber security marketplace. Currently he is an advisor and investor in 8 awesome companies.