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A Path To The Future

The path to the future comes from the cobwebs of yesterday and the bridge-lines of today. When the webs are spun with hope, they are springy and the bridge lines supple. They go forth in many directions, confident and seeking.

Hope as a game changer for kids.
If you have all the energy, all the curiosity and the imagination of children, hope, even a ray of it, will cut clear paths to many exciting possibilities to the future. Before the energy wanes, the curiosity is killed, and imagination is stamped out of kids, a beacon is hope needs to be shined. This hope is supplied by the environment and the proximate actors in them. But when these environmental conditions are not ideal, the beacon needs to becomes a lighthouse, shining in the fog the listlessness and poorly led lives.

A sighting of a good future, even a hazy sighting sighting, with milestones and tools in hand, can make all the difference in a child’s life.

We are setting out to test this hypothesis. Will hope, meaning the ability to see multiple paths to the future and the ability to achieve them, make children’s lives better, children who many not enjoy ideal conditions of life today? Further, can hope be taught and non-magically supplied to these children, without incurring a cost they cant afford?

We are calling it HopeWorks. That’s the foundation. Our first attempt, called I-GROW is with school going girls between the ages of 13-17, just before they become adults. Join us. Support us.