“Words have incredible power.”

“Words have incredible power.”


Words have incredible  power. They  can make people’s hearts soar, or they can make people’s hearts sore” -Dr.Mardy Grothe

Rubina Patel walked in on a balmy saturday morning and inspired her way into the hearts and minds of young  girls.She  spoke about pursuing dreams, about giving every opportunity the best we have got, to prepare ourselves for a yet unknown but beautiful future. She made them believe that they could become anything that they chose, including becoming an  RJ.She  gave them an impromptu training too.

Six months after the session, and enduring a pandemic that testing all of our resolve, one of the young students called priya says” i was inspired by Rubina Ma’am, whatever she told us i will always remember.” Priya a bright young student, from a single parent family, passed 12th grade and her
dream is to become a lecturer. She lost her father at age 11 and her mother supports the family by working as a maid. Priya dreams of a future where she will be a lecturer and inspire many needy  young girls , because someone by name Rubina Patel did the same to her. Thanks Rubina, for being HopeMaker.

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